Anansz z gymlcsital

16 Energy (kcal/product)
0,1 Protein (g/100 ml)
0,7 Carbohydrate (g/100 ml)
31,25% Vitamin C (NRV%/100 ml)
20 Chrome (mcg/100 ml)
75 Hydroxy citric acid (mg/100 ml)
18 Chlorogene acid (mg/100 ml)
100L-Carnitie (mg/100 ml)
  • Anansz z tmads a zsr ellen, a Garcinia Cambogia s a zldkv erejvel s a krm segtsgvel!
  • Aszpartm mentes.
  • C-vitamin tartalma 250 mg/liter.
  • svnyvzbl.
  • 500 mg L-karnitin egy palackban.
  • Pineapple flavored attack against fat using the power of Garcinia Cambogia and green coffee with assistance of chrome!
  • Aspartame free.
  • Vitamin-C: 250 mg/liter.
  • 500 mg L-carnitine in a bottle